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What other results will I have as an AJML Group client?

When partnering with AJML Group, you can enjoy:

– Peace of mind that comes with compliance to the latest regulations
– Reduced tax liabilities without any financial loss
– Making more informed decisions by knowing your business better with our Business Performance Report
– Improved strategic position through our Business Strategy Report
– Improved business performance with our Business Advisory service
How do I engage the AJML Group to be my accountant and consultant?
Begin by contacting us for an obligation-free chat, or request an engagement letter to be sent immediately on your request. After you are satisfied with the terms and conditions stated in the letter, simply sign where indicated and return one copy to us. This step has now formalized the engagement of AJML Group as your consultant.

I am doing a lot of investments with a good return and am concerned with the large amount of tax I am paying. How can I reduce the tax and protect my assets for my children?

There are many ways of protecting your asset value with AJML Group.

When Tom*, a single and a successful share investor, approached us initially for lodgment of his tax return, our savvy team discovered that he is better off to open a trust to trade his shares. This would reduce his tax and protect his important assets for generations to come.

Tom appreciated our value adding advice and proactive approach, and as a result saved about $5000 per year, while gaining trust in the knowledge that his assets were safe.

I am not happy with my current accountant in the city! They are always slow to respond and as a result I am late with lodgment of my Business Activity Statements. Furthermore, they haven’t advised me to update my self managed super fund in accordance to new laws. I feel like they don’t truly care, while charging us expensive rates. What can AJML do differently?

We constantly look for additional ways to add value and benefits to our clients.

Take James*, a successful business man approaching his retirement age. He was frustrated with his current accountant in the city and worried about his business and tax affairs, particularly around compliance and cost.

We analyzed his business affairs for the last two years and set up more efficient bookkeeping procedures for processing his quarterly Business Activity Statements. Now, James only needs to spend a minimum amount of time on his BAS each quarter as we lodge that for him as well, saving time and effort and costs in the long term.

We also reviewed all the relevant risky areas in to his self managed superannuation fund and provided him with research reports and up to date trust deed on changes in ATO and superannuation regulations. We also worked with financial planners to boost his investment returns.

James now has peaceful mind with his business and tax affairs and stay informed with our monthly newsletter. He feels relieved that he decided to approach us, as he now pays our affordable rates for exceptional city-firm quality.

I read my financial statement every quarter, but I still have trouble deciphering how my company is performing. Where can I find a personalized management report with the ratios and figures already explained, so that I can present to my management and shareholders?

At AJML Group, we understand how time consuming and challenging it can be to properly analyse the sums.

Take Roger*, financial controller of a business with turnover about $5m. Despite his experience and professional skills in preparation of financial reports, bookkeeping and financing, Roger was still struggling to find the time to prepare management reports to present to his board of directors and creditors.

He enlisted our help and the impending Business Performance Report quickly provided him with all relevant ratios, charting, benchmarking and variance analysis.

As a result, Roger save a lot of money in hiring additional staff for the role and got a more exceptional result than if he did it himself. He is extremely happy with the BPR because it successfully fulfilled his responsibilities and helped with overall business performance. He was also particularly impressed with the easy-to-follow commentary of the BPR and it is very competitive price at $120 per report.

I am planning to open a business, but I am not sure whether I should open a company, a partnership or trust? Also, my solicitor advises that opening a company is too expensive – is that true?

At AJML Group we are well placed to offer expert business assistance and provide the necessary documentation.

Take Paul*, who was planning to go into a new business. After he researched his suppliers and organized the necessary labour, the only question remained was whether he should operate the business under a company, a partnership with his wife or under a trust.

We scheduled a meeting with Paul and analyzed the different implications of a partnership, a company and a trust. We included analysis of his past taxable income as well as anticipated taxable income with his new business. We told Paul about our Business Strategies Report, which our clients use to make proper business decisions by analyzing their industry. Paul didn’t know that we provide this service, as his previous accountant never had anything like the BSR.

In the end, Paul was extremely happy with our professional advice and caring attitude. He was pleasantly surprised that we could prepare all the necessary documents of forming a company and at the same time save him more money than his solicitor for the same result.

My tax returns are not up to date – could AJML Group process my outstanding tax returns and lodge them to avoid interest charge and penalties?

Yes, we will effectively process all your returns and come to you when necessary.

Take Lisa*, who has been hard at work in the last few years as a full time salary earner and main care-taker of a big family. Due to lack of time, Lisa fell behind with the lodgment of her tax returns; her tax refunds were not claimed in the last 5 years; her family payment from Centrelink wasn’t able to be determined correctly without lodgment of her tax returns; and the ATO has demanded her tax return lodgments.

We came to Lisa’s office and gathered all relevant information to process her tax returns in a timely manner. We processed and lodged her 5 years of tax returns in 2 weeks – if we didn’t come to Lisa’s office ourselves to gather all information, it would have taken a lot longer.

As result, Lisa was so impressed with our prompt and flexible service and our caring and responsible attitude that she continues to refer great clients to us to this day.

I am not happy with the amount of tax I am paying. Is there anything I can do differently?

AJML provides you with various solutions to minimize your tax. Take Joel*, a hard working Australian in his 30s who runs his own tinting business. Unhappy with the amount of tax he was paying while under advice from his previous accountant, Joel wanted to legally reduce his tax liabilities. After careful analysis, we found that he could save a substantial amount of tax by trading as a Company, instead of a Sole Trader. We also advised he take out private hospital insurance cover to avoid Medicare levy surcharge; and pay smart wages and superannuation to himself to increase allowable deductions. As a result, Joel saved about $10K worth of tax per year and increased his superannuation savings, making him better protected as a director of his company instead of being personally exposed to liabilities as a sole trader.

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